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Kimberly and her staff are the best! the name says it all. They should be your 1st Choice! My mom was in Hospice in my home and the nurses from 1st Choice were EXCELLENT. They treated my mom like she was their mother. They not only took care of her but me too. They were so kind, caring, experienced, knowledgeable about Hospice and what she needed. Mom fell in love with them, as did I. I had 1st Choice 12 hrs a day/ 7 days a week.
K Foster
K Foster
When mom's memory began to impact her daily living, I engaged 1st Choice after evaluating several groups in the area. Janet (owner) knows how to care for our loved ones and to hire a team that make that happen. Mom and I partnered with her and her resources for 1.5 years while mom was still independent, helping with dressing, redirection and panic. We brought mom home during COVID and for the past two years these ladies have poured their care and wisdom into our lives as the ravages of Alzheimer's left her much more physically dependent. I am forever grateful for this group. No one is perfect (as people are not) but if you are willing to walk along side of them to get to the care your loved one needs, you won't regret the choice.
My experience with 1st Choice Home Care has been exceptional. It is so hard to watch a loved one, especially my mom, suffer with the ills of aging. As my energies grew less the professionals with 1st Home care eased my anxieties while providing loving and professional care to her. I would not have made it without the gifted staff and the love and care they showed. Thank you thank you thank you! Kim Berry
Safy Cisse
Safy Cisse
Josh Davis
Josh Davis
A great company to work for. Amazing leaders and mentors. They have taught me a lot and given me valuable life experiences I will forever cherish. Still growing and learning each day. Thank you all for everything!!
blessed child
blessed child
Great place to work ... Great staff ... Love what they do ... Top of the line ... Owner ... Works hard with employees and clients ... Impressive ...👍👍
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Gordon Simpson
Gordon Simpson
They really care about their client.
Techelle Bouie
Techelle Bouie
Great company! No complaints
egypt wilson
egypt wilson
Best company I have worked for
The best home care agency in triad area. Everyone is professional. Most of all they provide care from heart hand in hand with qualified skill/experience. Exceptional!!! Thank you!
We strive for 100% satisfaction. Owned and managed by Registered Nurses.

We had an unusual need which was met with dignity and compassion beyond our expectations

I will be forever grateful to you personally for the care and honest assistance you gave me as I struggled with understanding my mother’s condition. Sending her to the hospital was life saving. Your further assistance with the hospital “verbage” gave me such a sense of confidence in helping my sweet mother.  Thank you and all the wonderful helpers sent to be with her through your agency. 1st Choice will always be just that-my FIRST CHOICE. All of you have a gift of compassion and service. You are terrific.
—Sincerely, Stephanie

Your kindness and compassion in the care of my father are so greatly appreciated. I don’t know what we would do without you. Thank you for being such a critical part of his recovery. We are so very grateful for you
With love, Alexandra

You have an exceptional caregiver organization! You have come through, changed schedules, stepped up hours, without a lapse of quality care. What a wonderful journey you have provided for mom in each and every way. At times you have gone above and beyond the call of duty. All I can do is sing the praises of 1st Choice Home Care

I really am grateful to Cathy Propst for going above and beyond in the care of my mother   —–SR

We loved our caregivers: for me it meant I had time to devote to something other than the cancer and for F it often means an outsider who cares

I was extremely pleased with 1st Choice Home Care from start to finish; wonderful management team and caregivers; I felt 100% comfortable with the planning and care that took place for Dallas, all of you are angels! God Bless!

1st Choice was fantastic in helping with my mother. Every caregiver was genuine, committed, and very helpful. Office staff was excellent on follow-through and very friendly. Thank you.


Sarah was perfect! Kind hearted, mom loved her, me too! Thank you so much for taking care of my mom.


Our experience with 1st Choice Home Care was excellent, comforting and provided us with confidence our mother was being well cared for in our absence…

–JW family

My family can’t thank you enough for the wonderful caregivers especially the past 3 months or so of mom’s journey…Special thanks to Cathy, Kimberly, Janet, and Breotis

–B family